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Aluminium modular system.

The eepos nano modular system made of aluminum is the perfect rail system for load or tool transport up to 75 kg. The special design of the eepos proiles in combination with the eepos trolley, results in unbeatable smooth running.

For work stations.

While hanging bigger loads, heavy containers or heavy tools to the eepos nano rail system, the worker can concentrate fully on the product or task. This increases quality and efficiency permanently.


By using the modular set-up of eepos nano, you always are able to modify or expand it. The eepos nano accessories and components make an easy connection to existing systems possible. This protects your investments for a long time.


The ergonomic rail system eepos nano maintains the work force and motivation for a long time. By this you are able to standardize work processes, avoid mistakes and keep more and more shorter cycle times. At the same time, you keep workers with professional competence for a life time. Ergonomic produces quality.

Up to 75 kg.

With a size of only 89 mm, the eepos nano trolley moves loads up to 75 kg in a save and precise way – and in addition, the eepos nano system offers a 4-fold safety. Furthermore, the perfect combination of all components decreases noise pollution clearly. That´s eepos.