eepos move

The modular aluminum rail system up to 75 kg lifting capacity

For workbenches and workstations. Expandable. Ergonomic.

The innovative modular system for aluminum lifting axes

Simple and safe handling up to 500 kg - even with off-center loads.

With the development of the eepos move lifting axis, we have consistently expanded and expanded our aluminum modular system for easy and ergonomic handling of loads. eepos move consists of heavy-duty, extruded aluminum profiles and is operated either electrically or pneumatically. The ball bearings of the adjustable guide saddles run on high-precision, hardened round steels and thus achieve excellent running properties and low-wear operation.

Due to this special eepos guide, the lifting axis with its double or triple telescope works absolutely free of play. Even off-center loads of up to 2500 Nm are handled safely. A stroke of up to several meters is possible on request. Attachments such as energy chains can be easily attached to the external, item-compatible grooves

At a glance


  • The eepos move lifting axis was developed for tool handling, container and load transport up to 500 kg and 2,500 Nm torque absorption with eccentric forces
  • The installation dimensions and stroke of the lifting axes are determined on a customer-specific basis
  • eepos move S and L can be supplied as individual lifting axes or can be set up completely including a lifting motor or pneumatic control
  • optionally with trolley frame and pivot bearing

To Use

  • easy and ergonomic handling of eccentric loads
  • highly resilient, smooth-running and play-free and low-maintenance even with eccentric loads
  • eepos move offers various mounting options thanks to the item grooves on the outside

Product features

  • Modular construction with compact external dimensions (eepos move S: 130x130 mm for the outer telescope segment T13, eepos move L: 250x250 mm for the outer telescope segment T25)
  • Hollow chamber design for an optimal balance between weight, rigidity and stability
  • Fast pre-assembly and assembly possible thanks to standardized components such as extruded profiles, storage units, etc
  • Execution with spring balancer, electric chain hoist or pneumatic control according to customer specifications
  • Depending on the application, the move lifting axis must be equipped with a torque cross and / or torque support or trolley frame, especially in screw applications or similar cases in which torsional moments occur

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