Ergonomics right from the start

When eepos was founded in 2006 by Friedhelm Mücher, Klaus Bellingroth, Timo Koch and Armin Mücher, the goal was to create ergonomic workplaces throughout. At that time Friedhelm Mücher had been active in the crane business for over 20 years and he had discovered a special niche that eepos wanted to serve with its products: absolutely smooth-running crane systems based on the modular principle - and for weight reasons these were to be made entirely of aluminium.

Smooth-running and jam-free aluminium cranes

Right from the start, Timo Koch was the creative head and development manager on board as technical director. He developed a modular system that is extremely smooth-running, absolutely jam-free, extremely low-maintenance and extremely durable. And because eepos was the first to manufacture the crane profiles entirely from aluminium, eepos christened its crane products eepos one with a load capacity of up to 2,000 kg. Armin Mücher assumed organisational responsibility for eepos. Already in its first year, eepos successfully exhibited at the "MOTEK" trade fair in Sinsheim, so that the young company grew very quickly as a result. Customers from the automotive industry and mechanical engineering were enthusiastic about the smooth running and flexibility of the eepos systems. Within just a few years, the eepos one aluminium modular system established itself as a new quasi-standard for light crane systems up to 2 tonnes.

eepos in India!

eepos entered Indian market in 2015 with a head office at Pune, Maharashtra. We have a warehouse in Pune and have the ability to execute small to medium project within few weeks. Considering the potential of the Indian industry eepos has expanded its reach with the help of its partners across the industry spectrum.

ISO9001 certified since 2008

Eepos decided early on to align its quality management to ISO9001. The first certification in 2008 was then also the proof of the consistently customer-oriented working and production methods at eepos in Wiehl. The re-certification took place in 2015 and is still valid today.

Courage, pleasure at work and a great team

In every product and also in all services around the complete modular aluminium system, the eepos company values such as speed and enjoyment of work, courage and innovative drive, honesty and openness in dealing with each other were embedded. And the customers rewarded this: eepos is extremely fast and extraordinarily flexible, it was often said. The foundation stone was laid with the various product families and unexpected rapid growth began. Since 2012, eepos has grown annually by more than 20% from 7.5 million euros in sales to an estimated 20 million euros in 2018. During the same period, the number of employees at the eepos headquarters in Wiehl rose from just under 30 to over 90. Already after the move from the building at Enselskamp 3 to the next building at Zum Scherbusch 1, it became clear that this building will also become too small in the short to medium term.


The number of eepos locations worldwide also grew continuously. In addition to the strong branches in Europe such as Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Poland and other European countries, eepos delivered its crane systems worldwide from branches in Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, South Africa, USA, Mexico and Brazil. Just 12 years after its foundation, eepos had transformed itself into a globally active mechanical engineering group with over 140 employees.


Since 2014, all subsidiaries and customers have been able to download the eepos components, the associated technical documents and the current product information for the design of their own systems from the eeworld online platform. On 1 January 2018, eepos continued with the digital revolution: With the eepos configurator, a complete web-based crane system could now be designed. eepos had made its own way into the industry 4.0. And even today, speed, courage and innovation, honesty and joy at work are the driving forces for eepos to become better and better.

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