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The eepos modular system

Right from the start, eepos relies on the advantages of a modular system. Our intelligent modular system enables a wide range of services and efficient solutions. All eepos products are compatible with each other and complement each other, so that extremely flexible tailor-made solutions can be implemented.

Your options

  • Combine our light crane system eepos one with the lifting axis eepos move, hoists of your choice or our accompanying energy supply eepos base
  • Our light crane systems can be attached to the ceiling as well as from the floor
  • Our energy supply eepos base can also be installed on the ceiling or on the floor, depending on the individual circumstances

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In recent years we have successfully completed more than 2,000 projects in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. From renowned automobile manufacturers to small family businesses, from complete production halls to individual workbenches. Here you can see a selection of our satisfied customers.

Packing table with eepos nano and base

If fastening to the ceiling is not possible, eepos nano can also be easily fastened to eepos base media columns. This can be the ideal solution for packing tables or other work tables.

eepos move L with eepos one

The Schmidt + Clemens group of companies uses the eepos move L lifting axis to check the quality of their welded joints with X-rays in their test laboratory. For this purpose, a solution was developed together with eepos, which serves as the basis for a standardized examination environment.

The modular eepos system offers many advantages:

  • You can retrofit, add to or extend individual eepos components at any time - uncomplicatedly and without a great deal of time expenditure.
  • You can plan any additional usage possibilities in advance, such as a telescopic crane boom.
  • You can continue to use your own components such as hoists, as we work with item-compatible grooves.
  • You can easily adapt an existing eepos system after changing the structural conditions (e.g. new building), supplement it if necessary and continue to use it.

Our products

Aluminium crane systems

Find out more about the ergonomic, modular and aesthetic aluminium crane system from eepos.

Media columns

Here you will find clean and sorted solution for all your media and data routing management problems.

eepos Service

We are committed to support you pan-India for eepos rail installations, annual audits, system health.

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